Eucalyptus云计算培训课程(Building and Using a Eucalyptus Cloud)





• Eucalyptus Architecture: An introduction to the components and underlying architecture of Eucalyptus.
• Planning Your Cloud: What you need to know to build a Eucalyptus cloud.
• Installation and Configuration: Get hands-on experience installing and configuring Eucalyptus.
• Elastic IPs and Security Groups: In-depth coverage Eucalyptus networking and security settings.
• Image Management: Learn how to create and manage Eucalyptus Machine Images (EMIs)
• Working with Instances: How to launch instances, connect to instances with ssh, attach persistent storage to instances and terminate instances.
• Working with Volumes and Snapshots: How to create a volume, attach a volume to an instance, format a volume with a file system, mount/unmount a volume, create a snapshot of a volume, copy snapshots and attach a new volume to a different instance.
• Cloud Application Best Practices: What you need to know to build applications on a Eucalyptus cloud.
• Troubleshooting: Learn how to diagnose – and solve – common issues.

学生需要自备电脑(也可向培训中心申请,需另行收费),Windows、Linux或者Mac OS X均可。每台设备应安装如下软件:
• Firefox, version 3.6.X (other browsers are not supported at this point)
• Hybrid Fox (Firefox plug-in provided by Eucalyptus and installed in class)
• A programmable terminal environment. On Windows, Putty and WinSCP.
• A working secure shell (SSH) client

Module 1: Eucalyptus Overview Cloud Computing Overview

  • Why go Private Cloud?
  • The Eucalyptus Cloud platform
  • Amazon Web Services Compatibility
  • Use Cases

Module 2: Eucalyptus Platform Concepts Virtualization vs. Cloud Computing

  • Eucalyptus Machine Image (EMI)
  • Instances
  • Elastic IPs
  • Availability Zones
  • Virtual Machine Type
  • Security

Module 3: Eucalyptus Components Cloud Controller

  • Cluster Controller
  • Storage Controller
  • Walrus
  • Node Controller
  • VMware Broker (EE Only)

Module 4: Installation and Configuration Hardware Requirements

  • Baseline Requirements
  • Installation Steps
  • Eucalyptus Dependencies
  • Configuration Steps
  • Registering Components

Module 5: Setup Your Workstation Overview of client tools

  • Euca2ools
  • Hybrid Fox
  • How to configure your workstation

Module 6: Elastic IPs and Security Groups Elastic IPs

  • Security Groups
  • Virtual Machine Isolation

Module 7: Volumes and Snapshots Dynamic Block Volumes

  • Snapshots

Module 8: Configuration Management Overview of Configuration Management tools

  • Puppet
  • Using Puppet with Eucalyptus

Module 9: Users and Group Management Initial user setup

  • Adding and editing users
  • Adding and editing groups

Module 10: Advanced Configuration Options Network configuration overview

  • MANAGED mode
  • SYSTEM mode
  • STATIC mode
  • eucalyptus.conf

Module 11: Cloud Application Design Best Practices Build cloud apps, not apps in the cloud

  • Build loosely coupled systems
  • How to design for: Scalability
  • Failure (and nothing fails)
  • Dynamism
  • Ephemeral storage
  • Building security into every component

Module 12: Image Management Eucalyptus Machine Images

  • Bundling Images
  • Uploading and Registering Images
  • De-Registering, Downloading and Deleting Images

Module 13: Troubleshooting Investigating the environment

  • Locating log files
  • Troubleshooting best practices



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