Snow 101课程: Mac OS X Support Essentials 10.6(ACSP认证指定课程)

Snow 101: Mac OS X Support Essentials 10.6培训课程
Snow 101课程: Mac OS X Support Essentials 10.6是一门为期三天的实战课程。本课程广泛、深入地探讨了 Mac OS X 上的故障诊断,概述了 Mac OS X 系统的广泛功能。本课程的设计目的是让你广泛的掌握Mac OS X的各项功能和支持Mac OS X系统用户的最佳方法。课程包括授课和基于真实案例的动手练习,从而让学生获得真正的实战经验。


  • Help desk专家、技术主管、技术服务人员以及其他需要支持Mac系统用户的技术人员
  • 为使用Mac进行生产或创意设计的企业提供IT支持的技术人员
  • 管理运行Mac OS X系统的计算机网络的技术主管或超级用户,例如管理教室网络及计算机的老师和技术专家


  • 故障诊断排除流程以及如何利用各种工具和支援来更有效的处理问题
  • 深入掌握Mac OS X 10.6的各种特色,包括如何查找更多信息
  • 如何准备ACSP认证(Apple Certified Support Professional)


  • 拥有基本的Mac OS X知识
  • 拥有基本的排除诊断经验


  • Chapter 1 – Installation
    Prepare and partition the drive, install Mac OS X, use the installer log files to verify a successful installation, configure Mac OS X with the Setup Assistant, update software with Software Update and Installer, tips and techniques for troubleshooting an installation problem
  • Chapter 2 – User Accounts
    Create and manage user accounts, create and manage administrator accounts, locate directory attributes, security, password selection, Keychain, and FileVault
  • Chapter 3 – Command Line & Automation
    Command line essentials including navigation and file manipulation.  Basic scripting and automation using the shell, Automator and Applescript
  • Chapter 4 – File Systems
    File systems supported by Mac OS X, file and directory ownership and permissions, Disk Utility and file repair, using the command line for file management
  • Chapter 5 – File Management
    The root volume, file system layout, preferences, frameworks, file types unique to Mac OS X (i.e., resource forks and packages), Spotlight, file archives, disk images. archiving and restoring data with Time Machine, managing backup data, how to access the data outside of Time Machine
  • Chapter 6 – Applications
    Applications supported in Mac OS X, applications created with different developer APIs, the UNIX concept of a process, the relationship of processes and applications, tools to monitoring and managing processes, application preferences, troubleshooting, Boot Camp
  • Chapter 7 – Network Configuration
    Basic networking configuration, TCP/IP networking, Ethernet, AirPort, multiple network connections, appropriate use of network locations, isolating and troubleshooting network elements
  • Chapter 8 – Network Services
    Connecting to common network resources, Network Users accounts with Directory Services, AFP, SMB, SSH, FTP, and WebDAV connections, Bonjour, NetBIOS, the network browser, isolating client software issues from network issues
    Enabling network services on a Mac OS X client, peer-to-peer collaboration, sharing files between Macs and Windows, sharing web documents, screen sharing, firewall as well as techniques to isolate server issues from client and network issues
  • Chapter 9 – Peripherals
    Connecting peripherals to a Mac, cabling, connections, device drivers for common peripherals, managing printers, print-job management, printer PPDs and PDF workflow, techniques for isolating cabling, driver, or application issues
  • Chapter 10 – Startup Process
    Troubleshooting boot issues with a Mac at startup, phases of the startup process, which part of the system is active during each phase, issues that can arise, automatic process launching with launchd and login window startup items

周末班50课时(每课时30分钟),共5周,每周1次(9AM-12PM & 1PM-3PM 或 3:30PM-5:30PM & 6:30PM-9:30PM)。
脱产班48课时(每课时30分钟),连续3天(9AM-12PM & 1PM-6PM)。

通过Mac OS X Support Essentials 10.6(编号:9L0-403)认证考试的,由Apple公司颁发ACSPApple Certified Support Professional)国际认证证书。

Apple ACSP认证证书


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